Veritas Theology

Veritas Theology Forum | offers online Theological and Biblical Training.

The word “veritas” is a Latin word meaning “truth.”

The search for truth is the primary objective of this exciting new online outreach by JRMI. is not just a website. It is a community of real people, just like you, who are seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions. No one in the Veritas community has all of the answers. Far from it. We believe that overconfidence in aimless dogma breeds religious tyrants. Each of us have been slammed by life and humbled too many times to not recognize that there is a divine mystery at work. Yet, it is amid that mystery that truth emerges.

One thing that we do share in common is that the truth that we are seeking begins with a man.

His name is Jesus Christ.

At, you can enjoy a whole host of online teachings by JRMI founder, Jerry Robinson. 

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